Friday, April 24, 2009

Keys and More Keys

Those Charmsters are at it again. Laurel Steven recently hosted a charm swap called "Keys to Spring." We each interpreted that in our own way, using keys as the base. In Florida, I think of going to the beach in the Spring. Spring Break was always our traditional time for heading to the beach after a cooler Winter. I know, our Winters aren't that cool, and people do go to the beach then. But it's mostly people from up north. I wouldn't stick my foot in the water in January.

I've had some mini-shell beads for awhile, but haven't done much with them. They were perfect for my beach theme for Keys to Spring. I used thin gold wire to wrap beads and shells around the key. Then I used more wire and beads to make a loop at the top with a jump ring. Here they are.

I got these old keys from Adam and Eve Salvage in West Palm Beach. If you're a real user of old stuff, you'll love this place. Hinges, door knobs, chandelier pieces, molding, stained glass windows. You could spend hours in there. I bought a bunch of keys, more than I needed for this project. Just what shall I do with the rest?