Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Addicted

Ever since I took Stephanie Lee's Thought Threads class, I've become addicted to journal writing. Or maybe to journals. I filled 1 1/2 books during her class. In the process of looking for another book, I got two more. Then a cool-looking pack of three. Then another one to be subject-specific. Now I have six working journals, all specific to certain things I write about. They sit piled on my end table, and I grab one depending on what I want to write about. My pen of choice is the Uni-ball Vision Elite. It dries pretty fast, which is a must if you're a lefty who drags the side of her hand across the page when she writes. They also come in lots of colors, which are fun to use to jazz up the page. These aren't art journals -- there's no paint, rubber stamps or stencils on the pages. These are purely for writing. And writing. And writing some more.