Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Online Magazine

The world just got a little more interesting with the first issue of a new online magazine, Sparrow Magazine.

The editors, Emilie and Kelly, have created a magazine that celebrates a grounded, nurturing life, where you can push yourself to reach your highest potential. They've gathered an interesting group of contributors, from across the U.S. (with one from the UK and one from Australia thrown in) who have written 23 articles for this first issue. They have grouped their articles as follows:






Here is the link to Sparrow Magazine.

So now comes a plug for me: I am a contributor to their magazine! I have written an article in their Connections category, titled "Finding Community in the Arts." I write about my experience as president of our local arts group, The Wellington Art Society. If you ever wanted to know what my "day job" is, read this article.

Sparrow magazine will be coming out with new articles every three months. Be sure and stop by to read some great content.