Friday, January 30, 2009

Wandering Around

I love it when an errand brings me to another part of town. I get an opportunity to wander an area I haven't been to in awhile. I drive by a new shopping area in Palm Beach Gardens, but have only visited it once. I admire its outdoor sculptures as I'm zipping past at 60 m.p.h. Today I stopped by with my camera.

Right on the road, they've placed a beautiful butterfly sculpture. It's split into vertical pieces, and you can see parts of the butterfly from all angles. It's made of a reflective material so it picks up the sun. Here's a photo straight-on.

And here are a couple close-ups.

As you walk around the shops, you'll come across metal, windmill-type sculptures. They're done in copper and have a nice green patina. I started taking pictures of a few before I realized there's a whole garden of them. I then was so enthralled walking through them that I never got a good shot of the whole gang of them. They're created by the artist Lyman Whitaker, from Utah, and he calls them Wind Machines. They are on display there by Studio E Gallery. My photos don't do them justice, but you can check out the artist's website.

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