Saturday, June 13, 2009

Becky's Hearts

You know how you go to someone's website, click on a link, and are pleasantly surprised to find someone else's wonderful site? That happened to me a few months ago. Now stay with me while I tell you this round-about, degrees of separation story.

I live in Florida. My brother and his wife live in Portland, Oregon. His wife told me their neighbor recently moved down the block, and they really loved having her as a neighbor. She has an internet company that sells socks. Imagine that -- she loves socks so much, that that's what she sells now. Talk about following your dreams. In fact, she calls it Sock Dreams. I found it on the internet, and you can check it out here. The site is wonderful, full of color and fun descriptions. (I even ordered a few!)

It led me to the Sock-Dreams blog. I scanned down a few posts, a lot where customers write in as guest-bloggers describing their yummy socks. The owner posted her own note about a guest-blogger who loved to write in, yet she discovered that she had recently passed away. How sad! Here's the post, and if my link doesn't work, just look for the September 12, 2008 entry.

Becky Jones was an artist who also loved her socks, and loved to write about them. And I love how she included some of her artwork in the photos of her socks that she added to the sock blog. Anyway, I found Becky's blog, and if you check it out, you'll probably be struck by her beauty, as I was. And then you go down and look at her art -- how wonderful! She has such a use of color that makes the subjects jump right out.

I was so moved by her paintings, I emailed her brother, who passed it on to her mother, and through her glorious generosity, I am now an owner of four of Becky's paintings. I just love having them. How giving of her mother to share them with me. Here they are. Maybe you can take a moment to check out her blog and marvel at what a wonderful and prolific artist she was.

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