Friday, June 24, 2011

Wrap Around Bracelets

I'm trying out a new way to form bracelets. I make a strand that is about 22 inches long, with all kinds of beads. I add a nice clasp. It is designed to wrap three times around your wrist. What do you think? This one is my favorite. It's very beachy with turquoise, coral, and sand colors, with some seashell beads, pearls, and gems.

I'm thinking of changing out the silver clasp to a copper clasp on this one. I think it will work better.

This last one has golds, creams, and russet, with a gold magnetic clasp. This may be easier to connect for some people.


Clare said...

great idea - i know my girls love wearing necklaces that they wrap around as bracelets - it looks very funky and cute

Jenni Horne said...

Oooo..great idea! And love the color combinations.