Friday, August 26, 2011

Creating with Friends

Two artist friends and I are challenging each other to make new art. We're inspired by the many art books we've purchased . . . but never actually used. Well, we read them, and we look at them, but like many other people, we don't actually try the techniques we read about. We've changed that and are now attempting some projects.

The first was a hanging sign I made from Shona Cole's book The Artistic Mother. The sign acts as a reminder to do something, maybe one of your goals. I made spots for two statements, so I could make my reminder more of an action statement. Currently it says, "Fly Toward/Creating Art." The word tags are slid behind mica sheets. I have other word tags in a little envelope in the back for other goals I have. I'll keep those to myself.

Years ago "star" books were all the rage. I remember seeing them in magazines and craft books. I'd never made one, because they looked so complicated. Surprise -- they're not at all! We also have the benefit that one of our artists works at a printing shop, and she has access to great paper cutters, and cut all the papers to size for us. All we had to do was score and tape the pages together.

It's called a star book because of what it looks like when you open it up.

Accordion books were also very popular. I made mine with painted tissue covers, and watercolor paper.

Unfortunately, the water colored paper looks a little wavy. Maybe watercolor isn't the way to go for a folded page.

Our next projects are banners and a decorated box. I've made the banners, but still need to "bling" them a bit. Stay tuned!


Angela Felsted said...

I so admire your creative flare with crafts and art. This is an area in which I am sorely lacking in talent. And the star book is really cool. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before.

pat said...

I love what you are doing. The star book is amazing, and I'm in love with watercolor, so I'm use to the waves; unique!!

Lori said...

I loved the butterfly hanging piece! So pretty. I use a hook in my closet to hang something pretty from so that I am cheered each time I open the door. Clothing on the other hooks which is not so lovely which is why the pretty stuff.

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Suzanne, i am loving your art challenge. It's always so inspiring to create with friends. I have huge collection of craft books too that i find it hard to try to make everything.
I love everything that you made. The sign is so beautiful and such a wonderful reminder with words that says "Fly Toward/Creating Art"! Oh my and that star book look really interesting!! I am looking forward to your next projects..i love banners! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

Amanda Trought said...

I love books, the hanging sign is a great idea, might give it ago, been trying to go through some of my books I have banned myself from going to Amazon for a while! Stay blessed!