Thursday, January 5, 2012

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I've been neglecting my blog, and all my readers, for awhile. Mostly it was because our computer was dropped, I had to get a new hard drive, and I lost all my photos that were located there. I just don't think a blog post is fun if it doesn't have a photo attached. I also took a much-needed vacation from the computer during Christmas. I didn't even check my email from December 20 through January 2! Since I work from my home, a lot of my work is generated by emails. I had a few hundred to go through, and now I'm updated. I took my computer to the geek-expert who easily regained my internet access. Then I spent the day re-loading all my programs, and the next day re-loading some photos. So I think I'm back in business now!

For the next few blog posts, I'll tell you about our holiday season. But for now, I'll show you a little culture. Have you seen any Shakespeare lately?

My son recently played Mercutio in Suncoast High School's production of Romeo & Juliet. Michael was the comic relief in an otherwise tragic play. He gets drunk at the ball, flails drunkenly with his sword, and then ultimately dies in a sword fight with Thibault. We thought the casting was a bit funny, not because Michael can't handle a comic role -- that's actually what he's best at -- but because at 6'3", it seemed odd that Michael was felled by a 5'6" Thibault.

Michael performed 7 times over 3 weeks, and I saw 4 of them. I can't wait to see what he does next!

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Joyce's Journey said...

Michael was phenomenal, as usual! He is always a pleasure to watch perform. A talented soul is he!!! The apple does not fall far from the tree.