Saturday, October 6, 2012

Secret Garden, or Secret Town?

This summer my family took an incredible trip throughout the Southwest. We hiked, rafted, shopped. We started in New Mexico, did a bit of Colorado, then a lot of Utah, and finally Arizona. On the advice of a friend, we stopped in a small town outside of Taos, called Arroyo Seco. I don't even know if it is a town. You drive through, and if you're changing the radio station at the time, you might miss it.

It's small, but filled with galleries and cute shops. We stopped at Taos Cow for some ice cream. The ice cream was wonderful, but there was a bit of a fly problem in the store. We had to move it outside to the front porch, and then of course my daughter had to explore the back by the water and trees. She can always find things to climb.

I wandered down the street and found this incredible little garden. Nestled between two stores, it's just perfect to sit and relax. Not that you're not already relaxed in this cute little town.


My daughter still found something to climb on.

We learned this is called a coyote fence. You see them all over Taos. Are coyotes still a problem? I don't know, but I think the fences are really beautiful.

This old pioneer home was moved to the site. There's a plaque that tells the name of the family who lived in it.

Hope you enjoyed my visit to this little garden. We drove through Arroyo Seco on the was from Taos to Taos Ski Valley. We had an amazing hike up to Williams Lake there, and picnicked at the top.


Krista said...

Such wild beauty, so pretty :)

Those fences are really cool!

Joyce's Journey said...

That was such an amazing vacation. So glad to see more pictures!!

sandy axelrod said...

I love finding obscure things to visit! The pictures are amazing and make want to go there - immediately!

Bobbin Marilyn Salisbury said...

Oh how beautiful....maybe a painting to come from all these inspirational Jenna climbing!!!