Friday, February 21, 2014

Happier Friday Faces

Now that you've seen a few Fridays' worth of faces, what do you think? I'm certainly trying different things. I've learned how to make them happier. They're not necessarily attractive, but I think they have personality. 

One other thing you may notice is that occasionally they seem to be wearing makeup. You may not think that's so odd, but for me, I just don't wear makeup that often. It's never been my thing. Look at this face, though. She seems to have a little bit of eye shadow, and she is certainly wearing lipstick. Maybe I'm living vicariously through these faces. I'm enjoying putting the makeup on the girls.

Not sure what that is above her head. I'm thinking I started another face, flipped the page around, and started again. Well, that's what experimenting is all about!

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