Sunday, September 28, 2008

Portland Trades

I'm heading to Portland, Oregon on Tuesday to attend the Art & Soul retreat. While there, I'll be taking classes from Nina Bagley, Richard Salley, Michael deMeng, Lisa Kaus and Leighanna Light. This is my second year going to Portland A&S. I love meeting all the other artists, and finding out what they make and how they get it out there. I'll break the ice by asking to trade with someone. Last year I wasn't shy, and traded about 40 items. This year, I've made over 100 trades to take with me. About half are charms and half are ATC's. Here are some of the ATC's I made, with the By the Sea theme. Most were done on a base of an old Palm Beach County post card, so the backs have pictures of palm trees and the ocean. The fronts were painted or inked. I rubber stamped fish on some, from a gyotaku stamp by Fred B. Mullett. Some have ribbons, yarn, or tags. Here they are.

I have a date with a group of artists I swap charms with throughout the year while I'm in Portland. We'll be meeting up to do trades in the evening. Again, I went with the By the Sea theme, and I made charms that are stamped with a fish, and have a shell and bead dangle.

Each of the women from the charmsters group will also get their own ATC. I made these on water color paper covered with a few different colors of ink. The seahorse stamp is another one from Fred B. Mullett.

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