Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Raccoon Update

If you remember my earlier post about our encounter with a baby raccoon, I'm here to give you a happy update. My son was sitting on the couch in our living room, by the big front window. The front of the house is where we have the two palm trees, one of which I suspect is filled with a raccoon family. He heard chattering in the bushes, and looked out to see -- the mama raccoon! Then the baby raccoon! We screamed with delight and excitement. We were so pleased to know that the baby is alive and well. We got many views of the baby climbing up the tree. And judging by all the chattering, we think there might be 2 or 3 babies. At one point, a baby fell off the tree. More screaming! The mama came back down and grabbed her little one by the neck, making sure it safely got to the top of the tree. We discovered that they climb up one tree, probably because it has a rough surface for clinging, then at the top they climb over to the other one. The next day we verified that they sleep in the one closest to the house when we looked up and saw the mama's paw sticking out from the fronds. Here are the amazing photos we took.


Jodene Shaw said...

Oh, Suzanne, this is precious! I loved your earlier post with the baby picture.

I had no idea that racoons were in Florida also! We have them here in South Dakota also! Earlier this spring, my husband found a batch of babies when he was picked up a bale of hay with the tractor as he was feeding our cattle here on the ranch. There they were tucked in behind the hay bales.

Before we got married, he had one for a pet named "Festus".

Thanks for stopping in and sharing your Florida memories on my blog!
~jodi shaw

kecia said...

that baby is adorable! is there only one baby?

kecia said...

that baby is adorable! is there only one baby?

Anonymous said...

So happy about the baby racoon , i remember the earlier post, where you just had to leave the poor baby.
I decided to take your advise about following blogs, great idea, by the way. I'm not sure how to put the thing in the sidebar, but you're the first blog I'm following. So thanks. I'm taking the bull by the horns - so to speak and moving forward.....
by the way do people know if you are following them? and if so how?