Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interview with Kecia Deveney: Part 2

As I continue my interview with Kecia Deveney, I asked her if she has an artist statement. As artists, we try so many different media, we take classes, we share with other artists. At times it's easy to forget what our artistic goals are; an artist statement will clarify in your own mind what you are doing and why, and can give you a gentle reminder to get back to your roots when you feel a little lost.

Here is Kecia’s Artist statement:
Creating is my key to another time. It unlocks the gate to my secret garden; it is my refuge. It takes me to another era where things were simpler and I find the process soothing to my soul.

Lemoncholy’s Studio began with my fondness for vintage items. Searching flea markets, I find items long forgotten, sometimes damaged, but still purposeful. They just need some love and attention. I want these found objects to tell a new story, have meaning and to be inspiring. I have a vision for them to begin again.

Intuitively I combine elements in an enchanting way to provoke a narrative response that alludes to something we seek without knowing it. Often, it is a reminder of our childhood.

My jewelry is about craftsmanship and virtue but not perfection. By removing perfectionism, I free my imagination to play and ultimately, this freedom results in whimsical pieces of grace and beauty.

I consider my art more “trouble shooting” versus technique. Usually I know how I want something to look and then I set about figuring out how to do that. I know for fact that I often do things the hard way. But what I’ve come to learn is that this search has resulted in my own unique look.

I think artists now are realizing that they can’t rely solely on selling originals of their art. I know you do a lot of teaching. What other things do you do that add to your creative business income?
Due to my situation at home (I am the mother of a severely disabled child), my time is very limited. As his caregiver, it can be stressful and exhausting so I create to cope with these feelings. So mainly I spend my time either creating, teaching or taking classes. I am also the newest design team member for, so my time is pretty much spoken for now! I find it hard to keep up on my etsy listings, which I really need to start dedicating more time for. So little time, so much to do!

What is your favorite location for teaching and what would be your ideal class size?
I really enjoy teaching in Connecticut for a venue called Art-is. They are beginning their 4th year. I attended as one and this year will be my 2nd year teaching. It is a smaller venue, yet more fulfilling and intimate. I've developed some wonderful friendships. I'm used to teaching big classes, so I don't really have a problem with any size of a class as long as there is plenty of room for me and everyone to work. This year I will also be teaching a class at Artfest, (Port Townsend, WA) which is another favorite venue that I have attended. I am very excited to be a part of it this year and very much looking forward to it.

Is there a direction you’d like to spend more time with, such as teaching or writing?
I'm not so much interested in writing. I have several people suggest I write a book, but I find the concept overwhelming; probably due to my home life. I've heard it's a good year out of your life and very stressful. I think I already have enough stress! I would like to continue teaching at the right venues, as I really enjoy it. Another modality that I would really like to explore is drawing and painting. My drawing skills are very limited and I am always inspired by mixed media paintings. I'll see something and find myself wanting to go home and paint. And I have painted before, but it's usually something that I was inspired by, versus an original idea. I have ideas in my head to paint, but can't get them to come out! So I'd like to eventually take some drawing classes.

You seem to have worked hard to cultivate an online presence as an artist. I see that you have a blog, which is more like a website, you’re on Facebook, and you sell your art through Etsy. How else are you connected via the internet? What do you think each of these connections do for your artistic business?
Yes, I do them all, blog, facebook, twitter, flickr and I do have a website as well (which is being revamped at the moment). Trying to sell off of etsy and a website became too much of a burden for me. So now the website is more of a homestead about me and where to find me on facebook, etsy, flickr, twitter, etc. I'm trying to simplify things so that the website is more self sufficient. For me the biggest two areas are my blog and facebook. I started a fan page on facebook where I list classes I am teaching in my home, or upcoming art retreats. My blog is real time. you can find my current work posted immediately on my blog. I'd actually like to get to the point of selling right off my blog.

Where do you make your art? Do you have a dedicated space in your home, or different spaces depending on the art that you’re making?
I have a few dedicated spaces. Upstairs in my room, I have a small area where I create jewelry and do my computer work. I have screened it off with a huge rattan panel so that I can't see the area when I lay in bed. It is important to me to be able to put down a project and still have a tranquil area for rest or relaxation. I don't feel pressured to keep the area clean since I can't see it from my bed. Then across the hall is another small room where I paint, do mix media, mosaics. I also set up a certain area when I sew. It is easier for me to keep all the areas separate so that I don't start feeling overwhelmed.

Thank you, Kecia, for opening up your artistic life to us. You are an inspiration, and a true talent!

You can meet Kecia in person by taking one of her classes throughout the U.S. In addition to this list, she teaches classes in her home in New Jersey. Watch her blog for notices of any upcoming home classes. Click on any of these links below to see the details.

Art in the rough - Aug. 13-16 2010
The Creative Connection (vending) - Sept. 16-19, 2010
Art is...You - Oct. 7-12, 2010
Artfest - April 6-10, 2011
2011 schedule will be up Aug. 1, 2010)


Juliette Crane said...

i just adore your beautiful blog and jewelry creations! it all feels so at home coming from the last of our flying lessons class. and i am so excited to be able to keep in touch and can't wait to stop back again and see more. LOVE your artist interview too! It is so incredibly helpful and inspiring! THANK YOU!

best wishes to you!

dogfaeriex5 said...

her home is a faerie oasis and there is something in every nook and corner that just makes you smile and her workspaces are so beautiful you want to move in..she has the "eye"...