Thursday, September 2, 2010

See the USA

I recently was challenged to make an ATC with an Americana theme. Everyone in the group did these patriotic, red white and blue cards. I went a little different route, I guess because I had just gotten back from our big road trip through the southeast. I was thinking of Americana as the Great American Roadtrip. What could be more American than that? I scrapped together map pages, old bus tickets and schedules, then stamped "See the USA." The string was added to give it a feeling of the roads on the map.


Jill K. Berry said...

I love this, of course because it is about a journey, and a map! And I am a firm believer in getting out there in the middle of things.

MotorCityMystic said...

I'm likin' this. Since I'm from Detroit, cars and their jingles have a special place in my heart.