Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Heart Bling

I've always been a jewelry girl. I've been wearing necklaces and rings regularly since I was about 11. I just can't understand women who don't finish their outfit with a pretty necklace. If I go out without one on, I feel naked. I have quite a collection of necklaces, and a lot of charms. I thought I'd show you some of my heart charms on this nice Valentine's Day. This is by no means all, but it gives you a nice selection.

This first one is probably my oldest. My mom gave me this when I was about 11. It's smooth stone, and I wear it on a simple gold chain.

These two are also very old. I wore these all through high school.

A couple years ago, I participated in a Valentine's charm swap with 49 other women. Yes, I know, that means we each had to make 50 charms. It was so exciting when we received our packets in the mail. I loved them all, but this one especially because it was not red. I thought it was such a clever idea to do one in blue and yellow.

This is a polymer clay heart, handmade by Laurel Steven. She is an amazing polymer artist and you can see her work here.

Here's another old one. It is carved mother of pearl. Do you remember when mother of pearl was popular? Don't answer that, people will be able to guess your age.

These are two lovely green hearts, but unfortunately I don't wear green at all. Maybe for St. Patrick's Day I'll wear a heart for my spot of green.

And lastly, for some real bling, here's a gorgeous crystal heart from Baccarat. My dad got me this one. It's beautiful.

I hope you're all enjoying your Valentine's Day. Did you receive any heart bling from your sweetheart?

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