Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sending You Some Warm Weather

I know a lot of you up north have had your fill of winter and snow at this point, and the season is young. I'll send you some of my Florida photos, and maybe you can feel that yes, it may get warm again. I took these when I was visiting my dad in Cocoa Beach last week.

The lifeguards were on duty, but no one was swimming. The only people on the beach were walkers, like me.

Some little animal came by here earlier.

You can see here where many storms have pushed the sand up onto the boardwalk. While some beaches lose their sand, this beach has an abundance.

Keep warm! I hear another storm is heading for the northeast later this week.

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ArtfulLee Designed said...

Hi Suzanne
Thanks for visitng my blog and leaving such nice comments.
Love your beach pictures, I just posted some of my own, half a world away. Thanks for sharing