Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chemical Landscape

I'm really liking how this painting developed. This is another one that went through many configurations before the final piece. I'm going to enter this one in a Landscapes show in the next couple of weeks. You can see here how it evolved into a "Chemical Landscape."

Here's is where I started thinking of it as a landscape.

I got very dark here. You'll see in the next photo where I lightened it up.

I changed its orientation and like it much better this way. I added some radioactive flowers, chemical dust flying through the air, and there you have it.


wgasawoman said...

I love this and how you got to the end point. Love the radioactive elements.

wgasawoman said...

I hope my comment posted, this is acting bizarre today.
Hope to see you sometime soon.

Bobbin Marilyn Salisbury said...

You can plant those radioactive flowers in my yard or my wall anyday! I love the progression from beginning to end, makes me understand the process!!!7