Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bookbinding Fun

I recently took a bookbinding class with Emilie Sayward Henry at the Armory Art Center. For this eight-week class, Emilie taught us a variety of book bindings, including stitched books, folded books, glued books, hard covers, and boxes. My favorite was the making of hard covers. I guess I like these because they give such a professional look to the book.

My book is the one on the right. It has one signture and that is stitched onto the cover. I tied my knot on the inside of the signature, while the book in the middle is tied on the outside. The book on the left does not have any pages sewn in yet. The spines of these books are covered with book cloth.

My same book is on the left here, and you can see how I used a complimentary paper for the end papers.

These books have a glued binding, known as a perfect binding. My book is the one on the right ...

... and here on the left.

Here are some other books that were made by my classmates. This book is an accordion with cutouts and a matching box to hold the book.

These are fabric-covered books, done with no stitching. We used iron-on adhesive. Mine is the book on the right.

Accordion books with tabs.

This book is the final project made by one of my classmates. Very nice.

Double accordion book.

Books with paper covers. Mine is on the right.

Twist books.

Flexagons and tetra-flexagons.

Paper pamphlets.

Tomorrow I'll post photos of the book that I created for my final project.


Bobbin Marilyn Salisbury said...

Suzanne, Your books are just teriffic, and I hope to see them in person! I love the accordian ones. Wait I love them all!

Matthew said...

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