Thursday, November 15, 2012

Utah National Park Book

As a final project to the bookbinding class I took with Emilie Sayward Henry, I decided to create a book of photos from my recent trip through the Southwest. My family visited seven National Parks in all, five of which were in Utah. I wanted to create a book that gave a taste of our trip -- not a photo album with 100 photos, because really, who other than the ones in the photos want to look at that? I wanted to do a small book, with no words, that would be a conversation starter for anyone who saw it.

I decided to do an accordion book with five sections. Each section would be about one of the Utah parks we visited. The only words would be the title of the National Park.

The book paper is a light gold color, which I thought went well with the orange, brown, and red shades of the rocks in the photos. The photos are color copies that were enlarged slightly and glued to wide drawing paper. The paper had to be at least twice the width of the photos so two photos could fit per folded page. Each section has only one folded page but can fit four photos.



jacqueline said...

That is such a beautiful book! So happy to be back on blogland and visiting everyone! I hope all is good and well! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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