Thursday, February 5, 2009

Collage Class

I'm taking a collage and painting class at the Boca Raton Museum of Art with the wonderful Eydi Lampasona. Eydi calls it "Urban Archaeology" because we are using found materials to make papers, including leaves and twigs and rusty objects. She makes good use of plain white tissue paper, which we alter to use in collages. One of the easiest methods is to spray a sheet with water, drop diluted fluid acrylics, and let it dry. I especially like how splashes of gold paint look on top of other colors. It's a messy job, best done outside. Since I live in Florida, and the weather's nice this time of year, I do it on my back patio. Here's a photo of my sheets laid out to dry. I weigh down the tarp with rocks or paint tubes so the wind doesn't move it around.

This first one is typical of the colors I like to use: blue, red, purple, then add some gold.

I used fiery red and oranges here.

Blue is the standby color I always seem to use.

I challenged myself on this last one and used some green, which is a color I never use in my art. I wonder what I'll do with this? All of them I can tear up and use on a canvas or board. Or use as a background for a journal or an ATC. I used some pink and gold paper for the background on my Valentine banners in a previous post.

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