Friday, July 10, 2009

Necklace Round Robin

I'm in the sixth month of two 9-month necklace round robins. The latest creation came from Veleta Stafney. Hers was the most unusual of the necklaces, because it didn't have a traditional chain. I was kind of thrown by it at first. Mainly because it was so beautiful as is, I couldn't imagine creating something that would add to it. But I was also thrown because it was so symmetrical. How could I add one item if it through off its symmetry? I finally decided on the perfect place to add a charm: at the end chain that went beyond the clasp. I made a gold love knot from some wire. This was attached with more wire, and I hung a few beads as a dangle. The green glass bead was purchased a long time ago, but I hadn't used it yet because I really don't make any green jewelry! I know, that's strange, but it just isn't my favorite color. Although I can appreciate it in a beautiful necklace like this. I'm glad I was able to use it on something so stunning. This necklace will travel on to three more artists who will add another piece before Veleta gets to see the final product. I think she'll be pleased.

Here's the charm I added.

Here's the entire necklace.

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George Walters said...

Amazing gorgeous necklace!