Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Renovation Update

For seven months now, my family has been in the midst of an addition. I thought my home was in disarray a few months ago. Little did I know just how crazy it would be now that they've gotten into the main part of the house, and they're working on the kitchen, and the tiling of the floors.

The cabinets and granite countertops are in. I've placed post-its on the doors and drawers of what I'll fill them with.

I'm dying to fill the cabinets, but I've hit an interruption. Now that they're tiling the floors, I'm in the way. I've holed myself up in my bedroom until they're done at the end of each day.

I have furniture stacked up in corners of rooms. I can't find anything I need.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some "after" photos soon. I've told my husband, we better not take six months putting everything back in the kitchen and the new closets. I'll give myself one month, or I'll get very stressed out.

Are you working on any challenging projects? Hopefully you see an end in sight too.


Joyce's Journey said...

Oh Suzanne! I am sending strength your way! I would have a real hard time about now dealing with the dissaray, but do you have a beautiful home coming your way soon! The kitchen cabinets and granite countertops look absolutely beautiful! I love the wood. It is all going to look so nice when it is done and it will be such fun to come for dinner!!

deannawelch19@gmail.com said...

ohh I'm so excited to see how this looks when its done! I bet it will be beautiful. Are you planning what will be your first meal? Make it a celebration and it will have been worth it all!