Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow in Florida?

I don't think so.

It was announced yesterday that Florida was the only state in the Union to not have snow on the ground. Big surprise there. We did get our share of the cold front, which was morning temps in the 30's. That's mighty cold for us, particularly since we don't have the proper clothes to dress for it. I had a hard time finding gloves for my daughter, because they don't sell them much here. The ones I found are pink and cute, but not that warm.

Today they announced that the Florida state government is jumping on our snow-less status and launching a promotional campaign to attract people to our state. I guess they figure, if you're sick of snow, come here.

Well, my family did get to see snow this Christmas. We spent the holidays with family up in Cleveland, Ohio. We came after their two big snowstorms, arriving to over a foot of snow on the ground. That snow could stay for the next couple of months.

Here's the face of a happy girl in the snow. What do you do when you're from Florida and you're surrounded by a Winter Wonderland? Why, you climb, jump, and teeter on things so that you can retrieve the amazing icicles you see.

We loved our visit in Cleveland. Our cousins live right on a golf course (and in this economy, it's gone bankrupt), so you're able to hike all over it. About 11:30 p.m. on Christmas night, after eating for about six hours straight, we took a walk through the snow. We saw four deer, and a couple of fox.

How's everyone else doing? Have you dug yourselves out of the snow? Are the kids back in school?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! It looks like your daughter enjoyed her time in the snow. I'm sure it was a treat for her. I'm oringinally from FL and never really saw snow until 4 years ago when we moved to GA. The winters are very mild here which is a good thing for this Florida girl. We did get quite a bit of snow last Sunday...about 6 inches! It was beautiful but I do like it by the fireplace!

BTW I hope you get your kitchen back soon. I remember when we did kitchen renovations, it was nice to be able to cook again! Enjoy your new kitchen!
Debbie xo