Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where Did This Come From?

I'm in the process of putting everything I own back in closets and cupboards as I come to the conclusion of a six-month home remodeling. The builder just has a couple things to tie up, and we can say that the professionals have done their work. Now comes the hard part for us -- finding places for everything; choosing curtains, rods, furniture, area rugs, and art for the walls, in these new rooms we've created; cleaning the dust that's accumulated, then cleaning it again. The decorating is the fun part, but very time-consuming when you're running a busy household with two kids. The kids seem to have a better social life than the adults, and my husband and I spend a lot of our time ferrying them from one event to another. I'm also traveling up to Cocoa Beach every couple of weeks to check on my dad, spending 5-8 days at a time there. That puts a damper on getting my house projects done, as well as updating my blog, running the art society, or doing any art of my own. I have no computer up there, but I can bring some jewelry to work on. That just requires planning on my part, because I have to bring every supply I think I might need with me. I don't have the freedom to just search through my supplies while I'm creating.

Anyway, that gives you an idea of the crazy life I'm leading with this home renovation. As I was organizing my kitchen cupboards, I came across some things that I haven't used in a long time that I've immediately put in the garage sale pile. I've also had some surprises when I've discovered things I haven't used in awhile -- but I love and am pleasantly reintroduced to. I've looked at some things and said, "Where did this come from? I forgot I had that." I'm sure you've said that before. Well, here are a few things that will not be put in the garage sale, and I'm going to make the effort to use real soon.

I think I got these little condiment dishes at Crate and Barrel. I've used them when I've made a meat fondue, with three different dipping sauces. I like that you can put one at each place.

This is a depression-era glass plate that was my grandmother's, or perhaps my great-grandmother's. When my mom had to put her mom in a nursing home, she packed up a few boxes of things and shipped them from Oregon to Florida. Us kids searched through the boxes and chose things we'd like to keep. I've always loved this dish. I've used it for nuts or candy, but would like to think of a more imaginative use. Any ideas?

This is a crystal butter dish, and I have a matching honey pot. I like using this when you have people over for a nice brunch. We've done that on days when we hit the green market in the morning, and come back and make a nice meal from our purchases.

And finally, here is a pottery oil lamp. I've never used it -- this falls in the category of, I forgot I owned it. My mom found this at a nice gallery and gave it to me for Christmas. It includes instructions for which oil to use. I'm definitely going to use this on our next cold day, when I'm making hot chocolate at night and the lights in the house are low.

Have you discovered any lost treasures in your home lately?

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pat said...

Isn't it fun to find a treasure right in your own home! I am making "steampunk" jewelry, so I got out this huge tub of old jewelry and charms, etc. etc. It is so much fun to remember where I picked up many of the "treasures" I am using now to make this jewelry.