Monday, June 7, 2010

Gardenia Envy . . . and Inspiration

Growing up, my mom had a gardenia bush in our yard, and I absolutely loved the scent of them when I walked out the back door of the house. When we bought our house 18 years ago, the first plant I added to our yard was my very own gardenia bush.

Around my neighborhood, gardenia bushes bloom in the middle of May, and last about a month. I don't know why, but our bush doesn't bloom until 3-4 weeks after all the others. All month, I go around town suffering from gardenia envy. Everyone's bushes are filled with flowers, and their heady scents, and mine doesn't have a one. I go through this every year. I don't know why my bush is such a late-bloomer. Finally, our bush has bloomed. And now, since all my neighbors' bushes are spent, they are suffering gardenia envy when they see my beautiful blooms.

All these bright gardenias got me thinking about the color white, and the inspiration you can draw from it. One of my best inspirations is the blank white page of a new journal. I love that!

Here are some white ribbons I've collected for my art projects.

I made this necklace recently from some pieces I found at a bead show

And finally, I leave you with another flower from my garden. I don't know the name, but it surprisingly comes back, every April.


Nic Hohn said...

I can smell your Gardenia from here!

Thank you for adding me to your blog roll...very honored.

Amelia said...

thank you for visiting and your lovely comment. I love your white inspirations here. A delightful space you have here - and l like your message to Japanese spammers - he he :) I got one of those too, but it lead to a dodgy looking website.

See you in class.


Elizabeth Golden said...

I too love gardenias. I have them all along my front porch and along the pool fence. At night or the early morning, nothing is better than sitting outside and smelling their fragrance. Beautiful pictures of your flowers. Gardenias are hard to photograph.

Joyce's Journey said...

Oh my goodness, am I jealous?!! Your gardenia is beautiful! I can only hope to have mine looking as stunning one day. Great post! I love white!