Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flowering ATCs

I made a new batch of ATCs for a swap group I'm in. ATCs are Artist Trading Cards, or mini works of art that you trade with other artists. "Trade" is the operative word: no money changes hands. You're just making art so you can then trade and gain the art of another artist.

This group meets once a month. We trade them around the room, then pick a new theme for the next month. This month the theme is "Flowers." I started with flower-printed scrapbook paper. I added a floral rubber stamp, inked in black then embossed with black powder. I colored in the image with Sharpie markers. I always think a few words add to a piece. I wrote in a poem by Emily Dickinson. She's my favorite poet, and many of her poems relate to nature. I finished the back with a smaller square of contrasting paper (I needed to hide the Sharpie pen that went through the back), then signed it, and I was done.

When I make a few cards at once, they always end up slightly different -- different colors, different papers. Stay tuned for next month's ATCs!

P.S. to this post: Obviously, I have no scanner for taking better pictures of my art. Can anyone recommend one?


Michele said...

I just popped in from flying lessons to see your beautiful banner- I like the ATC's too. I love using sharpies in my artwork- I'm a little obsessed! LOL!

Donna Heart said...

Hey Suzanne, thanks for visiting my blog! It's been a great e-course with KRR hasn't it! Glad to hear you're having some lovely weather - oh the sunshine! It's winter here in Australia, but ours are very mild - reaching a maximum today of 65 degrees F which is soo nice (although the mornings for us are a chilly 41 F!) Isn't it funny - i bet half of America would not call that cold and we do!, and yet I remember our temperatures last summer soaring to 115 degrees F!!! which is 46 degrees for us! Crazy i know! Well - enjoy and havea great day and and even better weekend. Hope you find time for your passions!
x donna

Kerri said...

i love the idea of trading cards! i had never heard of it until today and i saw it on your blog, as well as another that i happened to visit!!

suzanna leigh said...

I really like the design on these cards. The lines are graceful, and there is just enough background to keep it interesting.
speaking of trading art, have you checked out ART42? A friend of mine started this online artist community, where people design trading projects focused on really small art; 6" x6" is the largest I saw at their recent show.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Stopping in from FL, FB page.

Beautiful ATC cards and a pleasure to browse your blog.

elizabeth said...

Love this idea! And your card designs are beautiful! Love he colors! Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I am looking forward to pay for an ad for my etsy shop but if I have more folowers I could get a lower price because that blogger will be interested in getting notice by my followers!too. Keep following your dreams and Enjoy the Ride through this amazing journey! ^_^ XX