Friday, June 11, 2010

Your Art, My Art

In Florida in the winter and spring, you can attend a different outdoor art show every weekend. Some artists come down from up north, often in an RV, and spend a couple months traveling all over the state doing these shows. I've hit quite a few of them, and often find a couple pieces to bring home with me. I'd much rather spend a few bucks supporting an artist than buying something at Pier One or Z Gallerie that was probably made overseas for pennies.

I saw this jewelry artist at a couple of shows. She makes jewelry using tagua nuts from South America. The nuts are sometimes called vegetable ivory. They can be cut into slices, then dyed many colors. Here's my little collection.

I was turned on to raku pottery a year or so ago. This is my second purchase, a shield imbedded with crystals.

This angel jumped out at me, and I bought it at a time when I needed to know there were angels out there.

I now have four pieces of pottery from this artist. This is a little dish that combines broken glass with the clay before it is fired, giving a it a sparkly look.

I liked this door. It reminded me of the big, heavy, wooden doors I saw in Scotland.

And finally, this is me, showing my jewelry at a show. Kind of a blurry picture, but what are you going to do, when you're not the photographer?

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renee said...

Beautiful jewelry! I can't wait to see your etsy shop!
{thank you for including me in your blog roll} :)