Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hello Japan

What's up with the Japanese spam comments I'm getting on my blog posts? Someone has attached themselves (or someone and their many friends) to one of my blog posts, and they keep posting comments to me, all in Japanese. I've gotten about 20 comments so far. How do I know it's Japanese? Because I ran it through google translator, trying a couple languages until I got a sentence that sort of made sense. But that's the thing -- the comments don't completely make sense. They are nothing offensive, just pointless . . . and annoying. Every time I get one, I delete it from my post. Soon I may have to just delete that blog post from my history, so they can't comment on it anymore. So for all you Japanese spammers out there, this is what I say to you:


And, please. Stop.

1 comment:

holly christine said...

This post made me laugh! I know that must be annoying:) what does your Japanese translate to?