Monday, June 28, 2010

New Old Blog

I hope you like the changes I've made to my blog. I worked hard on the new banner (Picasa photo collage). I hear Picasa is great, but I had a few stumbles trying to figure it out on my own. It's in pretty good shape now, but I may do a little more tweaking.

I've posted some of my jewelry for sale in an Etsy shop. See the link on the right-hand sidebar. You can buy it through a paypal account. I'll be posting more items for sale periodically.


Joyce's Journey said...

Suzanne!!! I LOVE IT!!! Your banner looks fabulous!! Great job! Now to check out Etsy!!

adee said...

Love everything about it
I love what you did with the banner!

Going to etsy too next :o)

Keep flying!

Jodene Shaw said...

I love your banner! That is my next step for my blog page~thanks for sharing where you made it.

I've made a few adjustments too and been posting 5-6x a week since starting this class. I only posted once in a while before...always felt like it had to be BIG to post...embracing simple posts.

I LOVE your baby racoon photos!

jodi shaw of Opened Door

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Way to go - your blog looks awesome! Really calming. :)