Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Zine Day -- Deborah Boschert

Deborah Boschert calls her zine Inspired by ... Architecture, with the tag line "A little zine with images, ideas and thoughts about creativity." She's right -- it's little in size, but filled with wonderful photographs of architecture from all over the world.

She's hand-painted her 4 1/2" x 6" cover, using brushes, stamps, and scratching into the paint. She's cut out a little door and a window so you can see through to the first page. All of her pages have full-color photos, all taken by her during her travels. She must always have her camera with her, and she has a real eye for details from her surroundings.

Even after Deborah's taken a picture, she still notices more details when she looks at it. In one photo, she points out that she is shown in a reflection in one of the windows. That's something I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Photography runs in Deborah's family, because she says her husband takes a lot of photos when he travels with his work. She includes one from Africa. I think it's base housing. It's a simple repetition of buildings. What a fine example of government formality.

Her final picture is a bit of an art quilt that was inspired by one of the photos. That final page is what made me want to visit her website where you can find many photos of her art quilts. I'm glad I stopped by. You can see her website here and visit her blog here.

I have one more of the zines I received in a swap left for review. You can see the complete list of zines at the bottom of this previous post. I'll be hosting my own swap. If you're interested in joining, click on the Zine Swap tab at the top of this page for more information.


Rae Frazier said...

Love the little book!
And also love the fact that I've found another creative blog to inspire me!
Thanks for sharing!

Deborah Boschert said...

Thanks so much for the kind words about my zine. I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it!