Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Friday

I saw a similar post somewhere, so I thought I'd throw out my random thoughts today. My hope is that my randomness gets a little organized as the day progresses.

Outside my is sunny and clear, but very cold for Florida this time of year. Yesterday we had a huge storm with hurricane-like winds. A cold front followed it and it’s only a high of 66 degrees today. It was 84 last week.

I am thinking...that I’m not dressed warm enough for this day.
I am thankful...that I live in this wonderful home.

I am wearing...jeans, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt. I’ll be adding a jacket when I go out.
I am remembering...that I need to balance my checkbook today.
I am accordion book. Two other friends are creating their own, then we’ll meet for coffee to compare.
I am Cocoa Beach this weekend for the kids’ spring break and to visit my dad. If the weather warms up, we hope to kayak, jetski, and/or stand-up paddleboard. I grew up on the Banana River and we can do these things right in the backyard.
I am reading...nothing right now, although I’m itchy to read a good book. I need to go to the library and search for a good biography or other non-fiction book. Any suggestions?
I am hoping/praying...that I will get a lot done today. Yesterday was a lazy day because the previous day was so ridiculously busy that I needed a break.

I am hearing...Alternative Rock on the music station on my TV. We’re new to the music stations, since we just got our cable changed with the purchase of a big HD TV. I’m loving hearing Modern English, INXS, and The Clash again. Although I often hear The Clash since I have a couple of their albums. I should buy INXS Kick on CD – I used to have it on cassette and I rocked it constantly. I miss it.
On my design a new business card that reflects my evolved artist mission statement.
From the kitchen...half my family is out of town for a school field trip, so I’m not cooking right now. I baked three kinds of cookies last week though, and I have frozen “cookie balls” that I can just pop in the oven when I want. I love to freeze the extra batter in cookie shape, on a cookie sheet, then transfer the frozen balls to a Ziploc. Then I’m ready for a fresh-baked cookie at a moment’s notice. I love the convenience, but the convenience means I’m eating yummy fresh cookies too often for my waistline.
Around the house...I have so much to do to get my art room organized. It’s still just a mass of boxes. I need to get back into that today.

One of my favorite hopping and “meeting” all these interesting people from all over the world.
A few plans for the rest of the I said, head to Cocoa Beach and get some fun in the sun.


Olga said...

Hi Suzanne! Thank you for your kind words about my photography on Davids blog.
Discovering your blog has been one of the highlights of the day.

Deborah said...

Organizing! You'll be happy when it's done.

I love the random Friday idea since randomness is on my mind all the time.

Nice place here. I like it as well.