Monday, April 4, 2011

I Comment on Your Comment

I would venture to say that 99% of blog readers are blog writers. Which means that most of my readers know exactly what I'm doing: pouring my heart into a post, then putting it out there for anyone to see. Hoping someone reads it. Did they find it through a search? In most cases for me, no. They've found it through a link on someone's blog, or because I've commented on their blog and they've come to mine to see who I am.

While you're visiting, if you find something interesting, please leave them a comment. Bloggers love to get comments on what they write. Please make it an interesting comment -- "Wow, that looks fun!" is just a gesture. Why not go a little further with something like "Thanks for the great post about frisbee golf. If I hadn't seen your photo, I wouldn't have known that golf frisbees are shaped differently than regular frisbees." You can even answer a question the blogger might pose with a link back to your own blog. But don't just toot your own horn -- you're there to tell them you like their blog.

When someone gives you a comment, you'll usually see it in your email. I always email a thank you back to them. In other words, I comment on their comment. That's a great thing go do, especially when you're only getting a few comments. You want them to know you appreciate them. If it is a blogger you've never seen before, take the time to go back and look at their blog. The bottom line is, if you want someone to visit your blog, tell them thank you, then go visit their blog.

Can you recommend any artist blogs for me to visit? I'm always looking for new ones.


Kristin Dudish said...

You are on a roll with your A-Z challenge! This is a great way to learn more about you - I think the way you chose your name is wonderful (and I think using the color blue because it's your favorite is perfect)!

You are a very kind and thoughtful blogger and I totally agree with leaving personal comments rather than generic ones (Obviously I get a little long winded sometimes, hee hee!)

I look forward to reading the rest of your alphabet...


Tina said...

I believe you gonna find a whole lot of new ones to read being part of this challenge...Have fun reading and surfing. Love your "C' entry.

Laura said...

Hi - here's a link to some work by one of my fave artists - I couldn't find her personal page, but there are some fab ones up here
I hope you like them. I really enjoyed your post - and agree. Most of the time I do try to leave personal replies to all of my commenters, however, during this challenge, I am finding that hard to do, and so am prioritising visiting their blogs and leaving a comment in return instead.
See you tomorrow
Laura x

Anne K. Albert said...

Lovely jewelry and blog, and great interpretation of the A-Z Challenge. Looking forward to more!

Lynda R Young said...

So true what you said about comments and blogging :)

Michelle in a shell said...

I'm guilty of sometimes doing the simple thank you/or any gesture, though I try not to. It usually happens when I'm stressed for time and want to at least acknowledge I've stopped by/read it but can't think of anything clever to say back :/ But, because of this I will try harder!

Dianne said...

I just found your blog through a yahoo post. I love your thoughts on leaving comments...well said!

Arlee Bird said...

I have always made a point of commenting back when someone comments on my blog. This challenge really changed things up for me when I got over 100 comments on the first few posts and nearly always 50 on the rest--blew that plan out of the water at least from the commenting in a timely manner. Forget about the names on the Linky list. This is something I'll have to contend with in the future I suppose.

But I think you have the write idea. It's courtesy and it builds relationships.

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