Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lots of Desserts

I know, that's a weak category for L. In a former life, I was a Pastry Chef (until the economy took away the company where I worked), but occasionally I get called to bake for others. I recently created a cookie buffet for a girl's Sweet 16 party. It was a Sock Hop/music theme, and I made some cookies that were supposed to look like records. They are big chocolate chip cookies, dipped in ganache, with a white chocolate center and pink frosting initial.

I made: brownies, peanut butter brownies, record cookies, rice krispies treats, coconut macadamia cookies, pecan blondies, marble cookies, and pink and white Spritz.

You better believe I saved some extras for my family.


K.C. Woolf said...

These look scrumptious!

I've always wondered, though: how does one manage to be a pastry chef ànd stay healthy? When you're surrounded by delicious temptation all day ...

Joyce's Journey said...

Oh my oh my! Cookies are my weakness! These look yummy and knowing your talents, I am sure they were delicious!