Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Outside Views

It's springtime in Florida, which means we're getting 85-degree days, but the trees and flowers are blooming. I grew up in Central Florida, Cocoa Beach to be exact. For the last 25 years I've lived in South Florida, which is below the tropics line. We have even more blooming trees than we did in Cocoa Beach. We have caladiums, which much to my surprise is a bulb and come back every year. My only experience with bulbs was when I lived in Cleveland, and I loved the first dafodils of spring. We don't get those here. My caladiums are starting to sprout, and should be 2 feet high in a couple weeks. As I took a walk around my neighborhood, and my dad's in Cocoa Beach, I snapped these photos of spring colors. Here they are for your enjoyment. Click on the photos to get a clearer picture of the flowers.



Mahogany -- All the leaves of our mahogany tree fall in April. The first year that happened, I thought the tree was dying. I'd never heard of a tree dropping its leaves in the Spring. It took me a couple years of raking them to realize that the lawn guy would just come by and turn them into mulch, so why bother. An interesting thing, after we had 3 hurricanes in two years, the tree took three years off from dropping its leaves. I guess it really needed time to recover.

Gardenia -- my all-time favorite flower. The bushes in our yard bloom about a month after all the other ones in the neighborhood. I go through gardenia envy every year. This is the neighbor's tree.

Hope you enjoyed these!

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