Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Pop-up Art Gallery: Continuum

Have you ever heard of this concept? A pop-up art gallery is one that only exists for a short period of time. Often it is set up in an unused storefront. The owner usually provides the space for free. He receives lots of foot traffic and notice to his space. And the neighboring businesses benefit as well. We have a business district in West Palm Beach on Clematis St. The street is filled with restaurants and clubs, and some retail spaces. It's very busy every day, not just weekends.

A new group called ArtSynergy formed a few months ago to bring people to local art. As part of their plan, they opened up a pop-up gallery right on Clematis called Continuum. They filled it with art from local artists, and hosted a great event four nights in a row plus Sunday.

The first night was a black tie event. Black tie and sneakers, to be exact. The admission to the event was a new pair of children's sneakers, so that set the theme. Everyone pulled out their best outfits, and then got really comfortable with their sneakers. Here I am in all my finery.

I even made a new necklace for the occasion. The silver chain is purchased, but I added rings and abalone dangles to it.

The gallery held 71 pieces of art from 28 artists. A variety of media and styles was represented. I'll list some of the artists so you can look up their artwork if you'd like. Just click on their name and it will take you to their website.

Anthony Burks uses colored pencils to make his beautiful, exquisite birds. He painted the long canvas on the right, then attached a group of birds that he did on wood.

Caron Bowman made the art quilt on the right and the one framed on the left. This is how she describes her artwork on her website: My art work is a combination of surrealism, pop art, and graffiti Moreover, my artwork is about intensity of color, curved lines, and daring patterns unified into one language. 

Helen Kagan made the two pieces on the left.

Craig McInnis made the two acrylic paintings on the far right and second from left.

Craig, Anthony Burks, and Trina Slade-Burks are the trio that envisioned the Continuum gallery and made it all happen. They juried in the artwork, curated the show, and planned all of the social events. They also hit it hard with the marketing and publicity. All this was free to the artists and an incredible opportunity.

Craig McInnis.

And here are Craig, Anthony and Trina, and their son.

Stop by this blog later for more posts about Continuum.

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