Friday, January 10, 2014

And Then They Became Angry

After my initial success of my first two faces from Dina Wakley's class, I was so excited that I immediately came home to paint more. What also helped was Dina's comment about expecting your faces to be good on the first try. She says, make 100 faces, then you can judge your work. Before that, it's just practice. Well, I took that to heart. My son has spent hours drawing creatures over the years. As he's grown up, I've seen the creature become more elaborate and more distinct. That is a prime example of what practice can do. My daughter, who is 8 years younger, swears that she can't draw. I use her brother as an example of what you can do if you just keep trying. Since I'm talking about his drawings, I'll show you some here:

He's away at college now, but has left files of hundreds of drawings. In that respect, and because of Dina's encouragement, I have decided to make 100 faces. I don't know how long it will take, but I'm certainly enjoying doing it. Here you have my next attempts, the first ones at home without Dina's suggestions in my ear. In trying to convey a lively expression, I think they have come out a bit angry. What do you think?

They certainly show some character. I went a little weird on their plucked eyebrows. I do like the idea of trying unusual hair colors. That's kind of fun, and it's not a risk when it isn't me! Stay tuned each Friday while I post more of my "painted faces."

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